Comprehensive Food Allergy Testing and Evaluation in Ashburn, VA

Food allergies can range from mildly annoying to downright dangerous, and if you suspect that you or your
child has a food allergy or reaction to a food, our board-certified allergist (food allergy doctor) from
Ashburn Allergy is ready to assist in the diagnosis. At Ashburn Allergy, our pediatric and adult clinic in
Ashburn, VA, is the perfect place to safely and accurately test your whole family.

Our Food Allergy Testing

At Ashburn Allergy, we use only clinically proven, state-of-the-art methods to test and evaluate each
patient. With our guidance and care, we'll help you, your child, or your whole family by creating
comprehensive, personalized treatment plans that will take into consideration your unique needs and

We also regularly update our testing methods and treatment options using evidence-based medicine and
research that is clinically proven - we want to provide only the safest and most effective evaluation and
treatment possible for you and your family.

Additionally, we carefully monitor our own testing and treatments to make sure everything complies with
all current federal regulations and practice parameters. This is important to us because we want you to feel
completely assured that your health and wellness is our top priority.

Our Caring, Trained, and Experienced Staff

Our team at Ashburn Allergy is composed of highly skilled nurses and assistants who have extensive
experience in health care. Additionally, Dr. Yoon is a board-certified allergist and immunologist who is
trained to provide care for both children and adults.

We also focus on customer service. At Ashburn Allergy, your family is our family, all staff members are
trained to provide compassionate and comprehensive care.

You don't need to find your food allergies through your own trial and error. Visit our clinic in Ashburn,
VA, today, or call us at (571) 246-6323 to schedule an appointment with a food
allergy treatment doctor. We'll help you safely discover any food allergies you have and assist you with
creating a plan that works for you.